We compiled a list of frequently asked technical questions below. If you these do not answer your questions, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We currently support Android (API version 19+, starting with Android 4.4 Kit Kat) and iOS (version 10+) devices through native SDKs. All devices need to have GPS modules to be supported.

The Quickstart app is completely open sourced with the MIT License. It is there for you to reduce the time it takes to build your own app. We are actively adding more open sourced apps built with HyperTrack that you can fork and re-purpose for your own needs.

We’re planning to release hybrid SDKs to support these apps. Please cast your vote on our feature request board to help us prioritize effectively.

Live location tracking is a background process that uses sensor signals. Therefore, consuming the energy of the phone. However, we are constantly improving the energy efficiency of our SDKs. Current tests show that we drain less than Uber’s rider app kept in the pocket (without screen time). The caveat with most tests like that is that phones, user behaviors, and tracking environments differ significantly.

In tens of MBs per month on the device that is generating; lower single digit MBs per month on the device that is consuming.

Yes, you can configure webhooks to stream all movement, activity, and trip markers to your server in real-time.

You can access and query your data up to 30 days into the past.

The HyperTrack service runs as a separate component and it is still running when the app that started it is terminated.

Yes, HyperTrack currently provides an Android Views module to subscribe to device and trip notifications programatically. You can use the module to render your own mapping view with the mapping solution of your choice.

Yes. HyperTrack batches up to 12 hours of data while the phone is disconnected from the Internet, and then syncs it up with the server when data connection resumes. Devices with A-GPS may require an active cellular connection for location to be available. These devices might not track as expected while offline.

Start/stop tracking of devices, and start/complete trip, are available only when device is online.