HyperTrack is the API for anything that moves with commercial value. From startups to enterprises worldwide, product development teams build live location use cases with HyperTrack to power business efficiency and product experience.

In Getting started section, you can explore PlayGround to discover the power of HyperTrack APIs. You can see how HyperTrack can help solve use cases involving your customer's business assets on the move. In visiting PlayGround, you can start managing location for your devices without writing a single line of code by downloading HyperTrack Live.

Additionally, you will be guided to check out quickstarts and sample apps to roll up your sleeves to develop mobile apps integrating HyperTrack SDK by cloning an app of your choice for your use case.

If you already have an app and interested in integrating HyperTrack SDKs to add location tracking to your app, please visit Install SDK section.

You can start building apps by learning how to build live location use cases for your business with HyperTrack. Start with your use cases.

Pre-requisites to build a live location use case with HyperTrack:

  • Background tracking requires user permission in the app. HyperTrack SDK must be installed with push notification set up for server to control on-device tracking.
  • Identify devices, trips, destinations, and geofences through IDs in your application. This way you can stay on top of of all that is being tracked.