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We love building simple solutions to complex problems. We love building beautiful visualizations for complex location data. We deal with location, maps, smartphone platforms, device sensors and pretty dashboards. We obsess about designing elegant and generic API abstractions that add value to our customer's software architecture. We release our SDKs in open source. We organize and participate in meet ups. We actively contribute our ideas and techniques through blogs, and engage with developer and product communities.

If you want to be one of us, please send your bio to for one of the jobs listed below. We are always looking for great talent. If you have a strong pedigree, have over 5 years of relevant engineering experience and can contribute to the device (Android/iOS), server (API, devops), web (everything JS) or data, please send us a note even if the job is not listed here.
UI/UX Designer
new delhi
We need help hand crafting Hypertracks design systems. We want to offer the most delightful live location tracking experience available.
  • Be comfortable working in a 10 person startup
  • Craft and maintain complex component based design systems in tools like Figma
  • Bring consistency to our UX at all touch points
  • Ability to prototype interactions with Principle
  • You should be open to picking up programming languages if needed
  • Excellent communication skills
To apply, please email with a link to some of your work
Developer Evangelist
san francisco
Developer evangelists at HyperTrack are responsible for inspiring developers to build better location-based services. They provide technical leadership, education and support to our users through the lifecycle of their project. Our users come from forward thinking companies of all sizes, a diverse set of app and back-end platforms, consumer and enterprise products, and every inhabited continent of the world.
  • Take single-point ownership of developer sign ups
  • Engage with developers in relevant forums
  • Publish useful content across use cases, markets and technology
  • Add helper libraries in onboarding flows and docs
  • Enable the community to organize meetups and hackathons
  • Educate and support developers building on the platform
  • Support integrations through chat, phone or in-person visits
  • 3+ years of experience developing smartphone apps or web applications
  • Ability to learn new platforms and languages
  • Ability to quickly understanding someone else's code
  • Great communication skills
  • Stellar problem solving skills
Principal Software Engineer (iOS)
new delhi
We are looking for an iOS developer to build SDKs which will be used by thousands of companies to power the mobile experience of millions of users. Your primary focus will be the development of location aware SDKs and their integration with back-end services. You will be working alongside other engineers and developers working on different layers of the infrastructure. Therefore, commitment to collaborative problem solving, sophisticated design, and creating quality products is essential.
  • Optimize the battery and data consumption of the HyperTrack SDK
  • Design reliable communications over high latency, patchy mobile networks
  • Design, build, and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable Obj-C/Swift code
  • Help maintain code quality, organization, automation and continuous delivery
  • Translate designs and wireframes into high quality code
  • Strong knowledge of the iOS platform
  • Familiarity with RESTful APIs to connect iOS applications to backend services
  • Experience with offline storage, threading, and performance tuning
  • Familiarity with the use of additional sensors, such as gyroscopes and accelerometers
  • Knowledge of the open-source iOS ecosystem and the common libraries available
  • Understanding of Apple’s design principles and interface guidelines
  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Bonus points if you have written open source libraries for iOS
API Engineer
new delhi
We are looking for an experienced software engineer with strong background in DevOps and handling traffic & infrastructure at scale. You would be directly responsible for championing tools and technologies; adopting frameworks and services needed by current and forward looking features. You will be designing and implementing our core APIs that handle millions of hits per day to power location features for tens of thousands of users. Our challenges are unique and the dataset is increasing by the day, so you should be comfortable navigating in uncharted territory and be able to assess different tools, techniques, design paradigms to help shape our architecture. You will be working on the core platform. The software that you write needs to be horizontally scalable, fault-tolerant, well monitored and easy to debug.
  • Work closely with product designers to implement scalable and highly reliable systems
  • Drive development of elegant internal and external APIs
  • Scale existing backend systems to handle ever increasing amounts of traffic and new product requirements
  • Collaborate with other developers to understand & setup tooling needed for Agile development and Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD) practices
  • Build & operate infrastructure to support data science, ML projects in the organization
  • Monitor and track performance and reliability of our services and software to meet promised SLA
  • Intimate knowledge of the whole web stack (front end, APIs, database, networks, etc.)
  • 5+ years of experience working on distributed systems and shipping high-quality product features on schedule
  • Understanding of how all the pieces fit together (front-end, database, network layer, etc.) and how they impact the performance of your application.
  • Ability to build highly scalable, robust, and fault-tolerant services and stay up-to-date with the latest architectural trends
  • Experience with container based deployment, microservices, in-memory caches, relational databases, key-value stores
  • Hands on experience with cloud infrastructure provisioning, deployment, monitoring (we are on AWS)
  • Believe in efficient monitoring, strong documentation, and proper test coverage
  • Adapt easily to meet the needs of fast growth and rapidly evolving business environment
  • Self-driven and entrepreneurial with a strong sense of ownership