Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need HyperTrack?
Android and iOS provide location-based services by default
Legacy location-based services provide static and current location. Dynamic and live location requires building infrastructure.
Google Maps APIs provide map visualizations and ETAs.
Maps help make sense of location data. You are on your own to generate useful data streams.
My team has built location features and they work.
Operating these features requires ongoing development and 3rd party API fees (servers, real-time communication, log-based reporting, maps). Infrastructure built for one use case often does not work for another.
My engineers can build this in a few weeks.
The difficulty of generating, managing and using location streams is evasive. Focus on building the feature, not infrastructure.
Who is it for?
What verticals are your customers from?
Services, messaging, delivery, sales, logistics, transport and marketplace apps to name a few. Software platforms enabling these verticals use HyperTrack too.
What use cases have developers built using HyperTrack?
Order tracking, mileage tracking, workforce monitoring, live location sharing, location-based assignments, profiling users and place, and more.
Can we only track one thing at a time?
No, most of our customers have users performing multiple actions (pickups, visits, deliveries, drop-offs, appointments, breaks) in an outing, often in an adhoc sequence.
My business is not on demand. I do not care about live tracking.
So aren't most of our customers. Live location features help increase revenue and reduce costs. If you have users on the move, you need to use live location.
What will it take?
How long will it take me to integrate?
Minutes to plug in the SDK in your app to start viewing location data. Few more lines of code per live location feature that you build in your product.
I don’t have any developers. Can I still use HyperTrack?
Ask your users to get HyperTrack Live from the App Store or Play Store.
My app isn't ready yet. How can I use HyperTrack?
We have helper libraries and code for sample apps to start.
Which developers or skills do I need to integrate?
App developer with production access to plug the SDK. App or backend developers can independently build features in their favorite platform.
What about my data?
Where is the data or service hosted?
HyperTrack’s secure servers are on AWS. Your data is available to you through API calls when you need it.
How are you going to use my data?
We will never reach out to your users or sell your data to anyone. We use anonymized data from our aggregate usage to continuously improve the quality of our web services.
Let’s talk numbers
How much does it cost?
Check out our pricing section!
How much battery do you consume?
Almost nothing. Okay - it's 5-10 mAh per hour and getting lower. That's nothing, right?
I service more than 10K orders per day. Do you have volume pricing?
Yes. Write us at
What is the tracking latency?
2 seconds