HyperTrack is creating the new standard in location services.
Here is an overview of areas that we focus on so you don’t have to.
real time filtering
The location stream received from devices are noisy and inaccurate by nature, even with a high quality mobile device. We have built filters that remove the noise from the data in real-time to provide you with accurate, real-time, continuous and smooth animations of users on a map.
The battery cost of transmitting locations is a multiple of the battery cost of collecting them. Managing the tradeoffs of real-time-ness, accuracy and battery life of GPS locations is tricky. We use dozens of parameters to manage this tradeoff so you don't need to.
Operating location tracking in the big bad world is complex, unreliable and expensive. We work hard to ensure it just works and you have one less thing to worry about as your business scales. Track hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of daily actions with the same reliability and no additional effort. We provide API status and 24/7 chat support.
When you trust us with tracking what happened on the way, we take that seriously and do not miss a beat. We interpret dozens of device parameters and activities to give you visibility as it happens e.g. unexpected traffic, unscheduled stop, etc. We journal events so we do not lose visibility when the device goes offline for any reason e.g. poor connectivity, GPS outage, low battery mode, etc.
Google Maps is great at providing ETAs by mode of transport and traffic conditions. We provide ETAs by vehicle type (e.g., bike, car, van), driver profile and time it takes to get in and out of addresses of intermediate actions. This way, you get the ETA for the Nth action from the time you assign all the actions.
We protect your company’s data and your customer’s privacy with industry-standard encryption and privacy policies. We employ best practices for network security and HTTPS-encrypted communication. We never reach out to your users without your permission or share their private data with any third party, ever.