Export tracking data by day


HyperTrack manages your live location data starting with the in-app SDK, storing it securely on our servers, streaming it to you in real time through webhooks, and provisioning access to your location data through leaderboards, views and APIs.

Location tracking data for your devices, trips, geofences and custom markers are available as:

  • Leaderboard: Day-wise aggregates and averages for each user, rank ordered by an overall star-rating
  • Views: Day-wise list of devices that you intended to track, along with their tracking status and movement timelines on the map
  • APIs: Data for individual devices, trips and geofences
  • Webhooks: Real-time data for locations, device status (activity changes and outage), custom markers, trips (arrival and delays), and geofences (arrival and exits) streamed to your server

HyperTrack retains data available through leaderboard, views and APIs for current month and one previous month.

But this is your data. And we, of course, let you download it to your own servers for archival and re-use.


To get a daily overview of your account, check out the leaderboard.

The leaderboard shows your app users ranked by our tracking score, a composite score based on trip, custom marker and geofence behaviour, and tracking percentage.

Single Device View

Rating, tracking %, distance, stop durations and steps are available for all accounts. Custom marker counts and average distance are available when you use custom markers. Trip counts, arrived % and on time % are available when you use trips, destinations and scheduled_at respectively. Geofence time, average route distance and idle time are available when you use geofences. The columns show up in this order, as applicable:

column namedescription
RatingOverall tracking score of this app user. This is computed using tracking percentage, and behavior for trips, custom markers and geofences. A 5-star rating means the user performed perfectly as expected. Use this to measure productivity and reward top performers.
DeviceApp user name, along with breakdown of device status (activities and outages) in the horizontal bar. Use this for quick sense of how time was spent.
Tracking %Percentage of the time when device was tracked, relative to the time you intended to track the device that day. Disabling permissions for example would reduce the percentage. Use this to review devices that did not track as intended, understand the reasons why, and take corrective action.
Custom markersNumber of app events resulting in custom markers. The number of markers typically correspond to your orders, and depends on your use case and implementation. Use this to review how much work was done by each user. Shown when using custom markers.
Avg distanceArithmetic mean of distance between custom markers. A higher number means there was a larger average distance covered from marker to marker. This indicates lower efficiency where more work needs to happen per unit distance, and higher efficiency where more distance implies more work done. Use this to measure route efficiency. Shown when using custom markers.
TripsNumber of trips. The number of trips typically corresponds to your orders, routes or work days, depending on your use case and implementation. Use this to review how much work was done by each user. Shown when using trips.
Arrived %Percentage of trips that arrived at the destination. A high arrival percentage indicates that the app user made it to the destination more often. Use this to measure address accuracy and user behavior. Shown when using trips.
On time %Percentage of trips that arrived on time. A high on-time percentage indicates that the app user arrived at the destination on or before the scheduled time. Use this to measure punctuality. Shown when using trips.
DistanceTotal distance driven by the app user on this day. Use this to review expenses, payouts and reimbursements related to distance driven.
StopsTotal stop duration by the app user on this day. Use this to review time spent at work or customer locations.
StepsTotal steps walks by the app user on this day. Use this to review the amount of movement at work or customer locations.

Click the "Export" button on the top right corner of the leaderboard page to get leaderboard data as a CSV file. Share this data with your ops teams to measure productivity, improve efficiency, reward top performers, and fix bad behavior in the system. Besides account level leaderboards, you may get leaderboards by region, store, or any other grouping that makes sense for your business. See here for instructions on how to set this up using device metadata.

Location and marker data


Gzipped JSON including locations, custom markers, trips, geofences and device status (activity and outage) data is coming up soon.

Leaderboards are based on locations and marker data for custom markers, trips, geofences, and device status (activity and outage). We are working on organizing this data by day for each device so it is easy to use for your data and engineering teams. Stay tuned!


For urgent needs to help you get your data, or for questions or comments on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.