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Releasing the movement SDK

Track the movement of your workforce with HyperTrack's new movement SDK. Add the SDK to your workforce app, add a webhook URL to receive real-time notifications and start getting a stream of your users' visits and trips. All of this in under 10 minutes.
How it works

Why should I track my workforce?

Visits and Trips

If you have an app that your team uses to manage their work while on the move, then there are more than a few reasons to track them with their permission.

Your team is carrying powerful supercomputers with dozens of sensors on them, and you should put that to good use.

Building use cases with the movement SDK makes their life convenient. Tracking them adds visibility, control and efficiency to your business. Letting your customers track them improves your product experience.

Who is this for?

Companies of all shapes and sizes are building apps for their mobile workforce. Add this SDK to your workforce app with just a few lines of code and you are good to go.

As your app users move about visiting partners and customers, the movement SDK will notify your webhook endpoint with the visits and trips in real-time. You can track the movement of deliveries, services, transport, sales or any movement with commercial value.

HyperTrack is used by small startups writing their proto-type in a cafe and large enterprises building field automation software, and everyone else in between.

HyperTrack is available to use anywhere in the world.

What can I build with it?

Operations dashboards to track progress through the day, business workflows using real-time notifications of visits and trips, efficient assignment of work using live location of available resources, live location sharing with customers, expense and billing automation using miles and hours, business intelligence to analyze productivity, data models that use the breakdown of how your workforce is spending their time. These are only some of the use cases built with the movement SDK.

You are only limited by your imagination about how you can use the movement data of your workforce to build a better business and product experience.

We are building out popular use cases with the HyperTrack SDK. We will roll them out over the next few months as optional add-ons.

Will it drain battery? What about latency? How accurate is it?

It's not perfect, but it's something you can depend on.

  • Tracking would consume single-digit percentage of battery.
  • The start of visits, walks and drives will get notified within minutes. We are working on getting it to under a minute without adding noise to the data.
  • Measuring accuracy of activities and places is not an exact science. Businesses are depending on this data to track visits to homes, offices, restaurants, shops and similar places with high accuracy. Parking spots and pickup/drop points are being inferred using transitions from and to drives. Driving miles are being used to bill customers and verify reimbursements.

We are constantly learning from our tracking data to improve battery efficiency, latency and accuracy.

What about data privacy?

Data generated by the movement SDK in your app is processed on the HyperTrack servers in real-time and then posted to your server endpoint. We store the data for improving our quality of service. In the future, we will optionally make the historic data of your users available to you for analysis.

We do not sell or share your data privately or anonymously to anyone else. We do not sell or share your individual or aggregate user data to anyone else.

How much does it cost?

After a 14-day free trial period, you pay a dollar per device tracked in a month. We only charge for devices that were actively tracked during the month and not for all app installs with the SDK. Customers tracking more than 5,000 devices can get in touch with us to get custom pricing plans.

How can I get started?

Get started here to add the HyperTrack movement SDK to your workforce app and start tracking your commercial movement within minutes.

Please write us or join our Slack support if you have questions.