Announcing new pricing plans for HyperTrack

We are excited to announce our brand new pricing that will go into effect from February 13, 2018. The new pricing structure simplifies pricing into four simple plans - Free Forever, Starter, Regular and Enterprise. See details on our pricing page.

Pricing Plans

Here are a few things that you get with the new pricing.

Free Forever plan

We are introducing a generous Free Forever plan which allows you to create 2,500 actions per month. If you are a bootstrapped startup, or building a proof-of-concept for a new project, we have you covered. You can use all the features and use cases of HyperTrack and build your application with our APIs and SDKs at zero cost. You do not need to add your credit card. All you need to do is sign up and start building your app. Once your requirements outgrow the free tier limits, add your card and upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Two simple paid plans with free 30-day trial

We came up with fixed fee plans to give you predictability about your monthly bills and remove the stress of how much your usage would be during the month and beyond. Based on usage patterns of a few hundred accounts, we came up with two simple plans to cover your needs. Pick the Starter plan if you expect your monthly usage to be upto 10,000 actions and the Regular plan for upto 50,000 actions. Both plans are identical in all other aspects.

Both paid plans come with a 30-day free trial period. Use the trial to run HyperTrack in production to be sure you made the right choice. If HyperTrack does not work out for you for any reason, you can end the trial at any time - no questions asked (though we are sure that won’t happen)!

Unlimited users for all plans

All plans, free and paid, come with unlimited users. Whether you have an app that is used by a few thousand employees or a few million consumers, go ahead and roll out to the user base without stressing about paying per user.

On popular demand, we have gone ahead and lifted the 20-users limit from the test mode as well. The sandbox environment has a limit of 2,500 actions, like the Free Forever plan, and no limit on number of users.

Unlimited consumption of actions

You will continue to have unlimited consumption of data, visuals or events for actions that you create. There is no limit on the number of use cases, API gets, tracking views, consuming applications, webhooks received, Slack alerts or team members with dashboard access.

No disruption for existing customers

Customers on the free-to-view, pay-per-action and pay-per-user plans will continue to remain on that plan for as long as they want. If you choose to switch to one of the new plans, email us at and we will hook you up.


Have feedback on pricing? Please don’t hesitate to write to us at We are only successful when you are and hope our new pricing reflects that.

Thanks for building with HyperTrack!

It’s great to see our community grow to over 5,000 developers building with HyperTrack and helping each other on our Slack community. We are grateful to have your trust as you launch your products with HyperTrack in them, and are excited to see what you will build next.