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HyperTrack India is moving to Bangalore in Jan 2018

We are on a mission to help developers build anything they can imagine with location. Why? Because it is really hard to reliably generate accurate location data with near-zero battery impact on the smartphone. It requires expertise and infrastructure on the device, cloud and maps. It gets complex to build a feature that uses all three stacks in real-time. It gets even harder to scale these stacks as device capabilities change every 6 months, location data blows up in size very quickly on the cloud and the cost of maps grows opaquely.

We make it possible for developers to build location features, which would otherwise take weeks and months, within minutes and hours. We make it possible by providing simple Lego-like building blocks that they use to build their location features. We make sure that things just work automatically so that developers can rely on us to build at scale.

This unlocks a world of ideas that are otherwise locked in the hearts and minds of imaginative developers across industries and countries.

We need you to make it happen

To realize this mission, we need developers who are hands-on. Technology is our product. And it is self-serve. So there is only one way to contribute- by writing code. We move fast and learn quickly. Each of us deploys to production twice daily on an average. We need developers who obsess about our customers - developers. They are using our building blocks in a larger stack with lot more considerations and complexities, to build features for their teams, customers, users and partners. Empathy for their world is required for our existence. And finally, we need developers who are entrepreneurial. Most of us have started our own companies before joining HyperTrack. We enjoy our autonomy and understand that it comes with accountability towards our internal and external customers. Each of us replies to customer support chats or phone calls, makes promises and then keeps them. We are an early-stage startup of 12 developers, that is creating a new market for itself. We take hard calls, make mistakes, acknowledge them, learn from them and try to not repeat them.

Hello Bangalore!

And where do we get these developers? Bangalore and San Francisco. These two cities have the most number of entrepreneurial developers with a global experience. So it is prudent to realize our mission by being at the heart of the innovation. We already had an office in San Francisco. And we have decided to move our Delhi office to Bangalore on Jan 1st 2018.

We need like-minded developers to join us. We need expertise across the stack: backend, API, data science, machine learning, Android, iOS, UI/UX, and devops. See our job openings for more details.

If this mission excites you, please do write to us at knock.knock@hypertrack.com to join the movement in any way.