HyperTrack dashboard goes mobile

HyperTrack brings visibility (and programmability) to the movement of people and things with smartphones. Our dashboard provides individual and aggregate views of app users and their actions in the big bad world. So far this was optimized for viewing in the desktop browser. Lately a growing number of accounts have started adding multiple team members to look at this data. As a result an increasing number of team members want access while on the move. So here we are announcing our brand-spanking-new mobile-optimized dashboard.


It all started when a large enterprise deployed a salesforce management app (built with HyperTrack) to thousands of employees. The on-field workforce is organized as local teams with supervisors (locality) who report to a territory manager (city) who in turn report to the head of sales (headquarters). Besides the sales team monitoring sales activity is interesting for company executives as well. The dashboard helps the team coordinate with each other and monitor their respective units. Now they wanted the functionality of the desktop dashboard on their mobile.

Operations monitoring has emerged as a popular use case for HyperTrack amongst large enterprises. We thought all large distributed teams would expect to be able to monitor operations when on the move. Our free-to-view plan encourages companies to push our SDK to their production app in the wild and start viewing unlimited users through our dashboard. Therefore the mobile dashboard is an obvious extension.


The experience starts with a list view of users or actions. The list view toggles with a map view that plots active users and ongoing actions on the map.

user list

Tapping the user marker or card shows you the day’s activities of the user organized in reverse chronology. We call this a Placeline transpose of a timeline.

In addition the list of users can be sorted filtered and searched to find the data you are looking for.


We have built the HyperTrack dashboard with Angular. Angular is a modern framework that is highly optimized for mobile platforms. It has been tested to handle large data sets with frequent and smooth DOM rendering on mobile devices. This helps us provide highly performant mobile web experiences to our forward thinking customers.


Like for our desktop every page on the mobile dashboard can be used as a standalone widget. This can be embedded in you app as a web-view or a Chrome tab. As a result users need not login to multiple systems or switch between apps or tabs to see their dashboard. However integrating the dashboard into your product would require an upgrade to the pay-to-play plan.

Follow these simple steps to get the URL for the widget you want in your app:

  1. Copy the URL of the view. E.g. www.dashboard.hypertrack.com/list/user
  2. Get the access token for your HyperTrack account. It should look like sk_xxxxxxxxxx or gk_xxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  3. Add /widget after .com and add the access token in the key query param. The URL would look like this: www.dashboard.hypertrack.com/widget/list/user?key=SECRET_KEY

Go here to learn more about our widgets.

Take it home

If you are a regular user of the HyperTrack dashboard we recommend adding the web app to your home screen for quick access.

On android select Add to Home screen to add dashboard web-app to your home screen.

What’s next!

With the new @angular/service-worker module in the upcoming release the Angular team is bringing progressive web app support. This would help us leverage the power of service workers to build even better mobile web app experiences for our users. This will directly impact the initial load time which is very critical for mobile network scenarios and make the dashboard even more performant and smooth.

Try it out

Try out our demo to see this in action and give us your feedback. Plug in our SDK to see your own app users on HyperTrack dashboard (all it takes is five mins of your time). Let us know what you liked and what you didn’t. Did you find any missing features that would make the dashboard more useful for you? Write to us at help@hypertrack.com.