We're launching v3 in the US

Forward thinking companies of all sizes use HyperTrack to build live location features in their products. We make it easy for app developers to build better location-based services just as Twilio does for communication and Stripe does for payments. Our system clocks over a million hours tracked per month and is growing fast.

Some of our key customers wrote blogs about how they are using HyperTrack.

  1. Zomato leading food ordering service
  2. Goibibo (now MakeMyTrip) leading travel company
  3. Housejoy leading service aggregator
  4. Pharmeasy leading pharmacy delivery company
  5. Hotline (by Freshdesk) leading chat support product
  6. Care24 leading healthcare services company
  7. OkHi an upcoming address and logistics startup in Kenya
  8. RoseRocket an upcoming trucking platform in Toronto

Customers have used HyperTrack to build a variety of use cases. We took the most popular ones and created self-service flows that make them simple to build.

  1. Order tracking
  2. Workforce monitoring
  3. Mileage tracking
  4. Location-based assignments
  5. Live location sharing
  6. Profiling users and places

HyperTrack is now integrated with over 100 apps. Users of these apps span over 50 countries and represent all inhabited continents of the world. Two common questions that come up when first considering HyperTrack are “doesn’t Google already do that?” and “how much battery do you use?”. We answered these in blog posts that talk about what maps do and don’t and near-zero battery impact of our location tracking.

A few companies have already invested significant resources in building location tracking infrastructure in-house. These stacks were built for that one use case that was most important at the time. As new use cases came up they were left to re-design the stack after the fact. This led to using location streams as the interface to build live location features. We get frequent requests from customers to share our raw location stream with them. Here we talk about why that doesn’t work.

Well then how does HyperTrack work you ask and how much does it cost? Tap here to see how it works and here to see how we price it.

If you are in the SF Bay Area I would be happy to visit and walk you through the stack look over your shoulder or pair program with you depending on what’s cooking. The best way to reach me is to ping on arjun@hypertrack.com. Do not worry about overloading me I have an army behind me that will go to war for you.

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—Arjun Attam
Customer Success
(510) 309-4946