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Get Slack alerts for business-as-usual location events

We recently launched the workforce monitoring use case shared how customers use location events to run their business and helped them get Slack alerts for unexpected events on the field. All of this required a lot of programming and testing.

We used the HyperTrack Live app (available on both iOS and Android)  to dog food these features. It helps that the app is now used across all 6 inhabited continents! 😀

Here is a stream of Slack alerts from my activity on HyperTrack Live going from work to home.

Are you looking for something similar?

Here you can see the list of all business-as-usual and unexpected events that you can get delivered on Slack or using webhooks.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Do tell us!

We would love to know what new alerts you would like to get from HyperTrack for your business. Also we are happy to integrate delivery mechanisms of your choice to push events to you on your favourite platform (e.g. Telegram). If you want to request a new event type or delivery platform do write to us.