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Get Slack alerts for unexpected events on the field

We have worked closely with customers across markets to configure the most critical unexpected events for delivery, logistics, services and sales teams. Our customers can now get Slack alerts in real time when an unexpected event happens on the field.

A clear theme emerged from our discussions with our customers who use HyperTrack to track their delivery fleet sales, force or workforce. Unexpected events on the field bleed a business.

  • Unexpected events happen on the field every day and managers struggle to fire-fight them
  • This struggle leads to poor customer experience and loss of business
  • This damage can be mitigated if unexpected events are alerted to the monitoring team in real time
  • Teams have access to the live location of the fleet in context of these unexpected events

HyperTrack events were built to solve this. Events may be received on your server through webhooks so you can program them in your workflow. I have discussed events in more detail in an earlier blog. In line with our 3 core beliefs – simple, useful and automatic – we wanted to deliver events in your favorite internal communications tool so that you can act on them immediately. This led us to package unexpected events as Slack alerts.

Unexpected events delivered as Slack alerts

Unexpected events when user goes offline

Critical unexpected event for Holachef

Holachef wanted to be alerted every time a delivery executive violated guidelines while on the field. So we created the following events for them. The started receiving Slack alerts within 10 mins of plugging in our SDK.

  • User disabled location on device: Triggered when the tracked user disables GPS on the device or revokes location permission for the app
  • User logged off the app: Triggered when the user logs off from the app stopping location tracking immediately
    Location disabled Slack alerts

Unexpected events when user is completing an action

Critical unexpected event for Toppr

Toppr’s sales managers were concerned if sales executives were making demos at the expected locations at the scheduled times. This required Toppr’s developer telling the HyperTrack API the scheduled time and expected location of demos. The primary activity that your user does in the app, in this case demos, maps to an action in HyperTrack. It took the developer 30 mins to integrate with actions and start receiving these alerts.

  • User completed action at a place different than expected: Triggered when the user marks an action as completed in the app and her location is far from the action’s expected location
  • User completed action at a time later than scheduled: Triggered when the user marks an action as completed than scheduled

We have discussed this customer in more detail in our blog on workforce monitoring.
Place different than expected Slack alerts
Visit delayed Slack alerts

Unexpected event when user is on the way

Critical unexpected event for Zomato

Zomato customer delight team uses the HyperTrack widget to track its delivery fleet. With more than a hundred orders being delivered simultaneously it is important to highlight which orders need special attention. So we developed the following events.

  • User is delayed for a scheduled action: Triggered when the user is on the way for an action but her expected time of arrival is later than scheduled time
  • User is stuck in traffic: Triggered when the user is on the way but stuck in traffic
    Delay Slack alerts

How customers use these alerts

Customers use HyperTrack in the following ways when alerted with an unexpected event.

Immediate resolution

Customers are using alerts to immediately resolve unexpected events in the following ways.

  • Details in the alert: timestamp current location of the user ETA and map screenshot provides enough context for the monitoring team to fire-fight the event
  • Clicking through the alert: the link in the alert takes you to a map view that shows you the status of the action and the live location of the user. See screenshot below.
    Link in slack alert opens a widget on the web

Further investigation

Customers are using alerts to further investigate the unexpected event in the following ways.

  • Individual user timeline: This shows you the user’s trips and stops through the day. You can replay the user’s movement on the map to see exactly where the user was at a specific time of the day.
    User's location timeline on the HyperTrack dashboard

  • Aggregate heatmap: This shows a heatmap for a group of users filtered by event. For example you can see a heatmap of all locations where the event ‘user is delayed for scheduled action’ was triggered (see below). You can see heatmaps for a selected date range and filter for specific events using the filter.
    Heatmap of places your users have visited

Continuous evaluation

Customers are using the HyperTrack dashboard to continuously evaluate unexpected events. The list view for users shows you the team’s key metrics like actions completed distance travelled and durations for which location was disabled. This view helps you plan new initiatives to reduce the number of unexpected events or resolve them. You can then track the success of the initiatives and improve the process. You can also get these metrics in weekly email digests.
Key metrics of your users

How do I start getting alerts on Slack?

We use Slack’s incoming webhook feature to integrate HyperTrack with your Slack team. The prerequisite is to plug in the HyperTrack SDK into your user’s app. Once you see the first user on your dashboard follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Slack account. You will be asked to login into your Slack team if you aren’t logged in already.
  2. Choose the channel in which you want to see alerts from HyperTrack. Create a new one if you want.
  3. You will be redirected to a page with Setup Instructions. Ignore the instructions. Just copy the Webhook URL. It looks like
  1. Go to HyperTrack account settings and click Add slack alert button under Webhooks. Paste the URL you copied from slack.
    Setting up Slack

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Do tell us!

We would love to know what new alerts you would like to get from HyperTrack for your business. Also we are happy to integrate delivery mechanisms of your choice to push events on your favorite platform (e.g. Telegram). If you want to request a new event type or delivery platform do write to us.