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How businesses use HyperTrack for workforce monitoring

Workforce monitoring is emerging to be one of the top use cases that customers want to build using HyperTrack. Examples of workforce are salesforce, riders, vehicles, fleets or teams. In this blog, we share three unique stories of how our customers are using HyperTrack to monitor their workforce.

Workforce monitoring for a distributed sales force

The customer need

The company wanted to track its sales teams spread across 8 cities. The primary activity of the sales executive is to give demos to customers at their homes. The CEO was concerned that he had no idea what his remote sales teams were up to on the field. The top questions on the CEO’s mind were:

  • Is my sales executive making demos at the expected locations at the scheduled times?
  • Is my sales executive violating guidelines while on the field for example logging off the app or disabling location on the phone?
  • Are the new initiatives to correct bad behaviour working?

How they are using HyperTrack

Quickstart with alerts: In a few minutes their Android developer plugged our SDK in their sales app and the CEO could see all of his sales executives on the map in our free-to-view dashboard. He started receiving real-time alerts on Slack when a sales executive disabled location or logged off.
HyperTrack Slack alert that you can start getting in 10 mins

Putting alerts in context: The CEO saw enough alerts to be concerned. But which of them were happening at the time of demo? That required his developer telling the HyperTrack API the scheduled time and expected location of demos. The primary activity that the app user does in your app, in this case demos, visits or sales meetings, maps to an action in HyperTrack. It took the developer 30 mins to integrate with HyperTrack’s action APIs. Now the real-time alerts were also fired when the sales executive completed his demo at a place different than expected or at a time later than scheduled – see screenshot below. The VP of Sales found the real-time alerts useful. He configured multiple channels on Slack - one for each city and asked his city leads to act on the alerts in his city.
HyperTrack Slack alert that you can get after integrating with our API

Sales process using alerts: Today the sales team of this customer uses HyperTrack in multiple ways.

  • Sales managers use real-time slack alerts to monitor their day-to-day operations. Clicking on the link in the alert opens a map view of where the user is which helps them fire-fight. You can also get these alerts on your server through webhooksso you can program them in your workflow.
  • City leads use map view in our dashboard everyday to see the progress of demos through the day.
    Live map view on HyperTrack dashboard
  • VP of Sales and city leads use the list view in our dashboard every week to track the team’s key metrics like demos completed, distance travelled and duration of location disabled. This view helps them determine if new initiatives to correct bad behaviour are working. You can also get these in weekly email digests.
    Aggregate historical location metrics on HyperTrack dashboard

Mileage tracking for a global sales force

The customer need

The company has a sales force across 20 countries. The primary activity of the sales executive is to visit their SME customers. The company wants to reimburse their executives based on distance travelled for customer visits. Their in-house solution was struggling because:

  • it would drain out battery
  • it wasn’t accurate – one bad GPS point can change the distance by several miles
  • it couldn’t detect different modes of transport like car bike train metro bus and ferry

How they are using HyperTrack

The sales team is using HyperTrack’s API to track the mileage of each customer visit as well as daily weekly and monthly aggregates. This required them to:

Workforce monitoring for a food delivery fleet

The customer need

The company has an in-house delivery fleet in which each executive delivers ~10 orders a day. They were loosing their sleep over 2 workforce problems:

  • I want to know in real time which of my executives is running late so I can proactively resolve the issue before it affects the customer.
  • Several of my executives’ locations is unavailable when I try to assign a delivery order. Can I get accurate data on who is disabling their location and whose locations are unavailable due to patchy internet so that I can take corrective action?

How they are using HyperTrack

Want more details on these stories?

We have written 2 more blogs that you may find useful – how businesses are using HyperTrack’s location-based real-time events and how workforces are using real-time slack alerts to resolve unexpected events.

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