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Using real-time location events to run your business

Businesses want to consume live location/activity data of their users as alerts when specific events happen out in the big bad world. Here are a few examples of what we have heard from our customers. This is also the reason we built HyperTrack events.

What customers want from HyperTrack

How are events critical for business?

Actively looking at dashboards for where your users or workforce are, is necessary but not sufficient for you. Tracking a user through HyperTrack generates a detailed stream of places visited, activities of the user like driving or walking, device’s health and more. You can see this data as various views in our or your dashboard. This stream becomes more useful when you process it to extract the most important events in your workflow. Look at it this way. What if HyperTrack baked your favorite cake for the party and left before serving it. And now you don’t know if you should serve it to your guests with whipped cream or hot chocolate?

We at HyperTrack live by 3 core values- useful, simple and automatic. So we have

  • built a processing engine that automatically generates events in real-time to make the location stream most useful for you.
  • configured the most useful events by default based on our learnings from working with customers across markets geographies and use cases so that you start receiving events from the moment your first user starts getting tracked
  • made it extremely simple for you to receive these events in a way that you can act on them immediately

How are our customers using events?

Location tracking like other forms of tracking involves events that happen when business runs as usual (expected events) and those that violate the usual norms (unexpected events). Our customers actively use both kinds of events.

Expected events

Some examples are – user has stopped, user has completed an action, user is driving, user is walking, user has travelled 50 km and so on. Typically customers prefer to receive these events through webhooks on their server so that they can be programmed in their workflow. For example, push a notification to riders of a cab booking service or generate an invoice for an at-home service visit etc. Another blog post illustrates Slack alerts for these events.

Unexpected events

Customers use these to fire-fight unexpected events. Additional details are sent with these events to make them immediately actionable. Many of our customers have chosen to receive them as alerts on Slack. Here are some examples. Another blog post discusses these in more detail!

HyperTrack Slack alert that you can start getting in 10 mins

HyperTrack Slack alert that you can get after integrating with our API

HyperTrack Slack alert for bad behaviour

Which events can I can choose from?

You can choose the events that you are interested in and only those would be sent to you. We are continuously adding to our list of events. You may customise your alerts to be delivered to specific groups of users.

Where can I receive events?

HyperTrack creates an event object for each event. This object contains all the relevant information about what just happened including the type of event and the data associated with that event. Event objects can currently be delivered to you in real-time over 2 channels:

  • webhook notifications: HyperTrack sends the event object to URLs that you provide.
  • slack alerts: HyperTrack sends a human readable message on a slack channel of your choice with details about the event and a link to dig deeper.

How do I start receiving events?

The prerequisite is to plug in the HyperTrack SDK into your user’s app. Once you see the first user on your dashboard setup webhook notifications and/or slack alerts.

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Do tell us!

We would love to know what new events you would like to get from HyperTrack for your business. Also we are happy to integrate delivery mechanisms of your choice to push events to you on your favorite platform (e.g. Telegram). If you want to request a new event type or delivery platform do write to us.