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Adding a layer of superpower in the stack

New hires at HyperTrack usually impress the team with the code they check in on day-one. Aman raised a few more eyebrows on his first day when he caught a bullet of a shot during the evening cricket ritual at the office. He swerved like Neo in Matrix though instead of dodging the bullet he ended up singlehandedly snatching it out of thin air.

It was just a month ago that his ex-boss was narrating his superpowers in Android. Aman was building a cool travel guide app called AudioCompass that could tell you things like “You are now looking at the Mihman Khana of Taj Mahal. To your left is the sandstone platform. Turn around and walk up the stairs to get on the marble platform.” He was using a combination of the smartphone accelerometer and gyroscope sensors in conjunction with location data to create beautiful product experiences. He came highly recommended as the perfect fit for our team and convinced every one in the team about this in no uncertain terms.

The streak of Mumbai-based engineers moving to New Delhi to join HyperTrack continued. After Aman, Anil left Powai-based Housing dot com as team lead to join us and lead our iOS stack. From leading a team of a dozen iOS engineers to being iOS lead in a team of a dozen diverse engineers is not for the faint of heart. The mutual love affair began with geeking out about the evolution of smartphone Operating Systems. Anil had started building deep technology on the iOS platform within the first few years of its existence. His EQ is off the charts and we joke about his longevity at his previous employer as testimony to that. He has brought a lucky charm to the company. Around the same time as he accepted the offer to work with us he won the lottery to attend the coveted Apple Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC 2017) in San Jose on behalf of the company.

Aman and Anil join Arjun Abhishek and Amit as part of HyperTrack’s A-team. No sooner had they upped the moved-from-Mumbai counter to 5 (and the moved-to-Delhi counter to 8!) along came Utkarsh to increment the local-boy New Delhi score to 4. Utkarsh has managed to move two other counters – number of IIT grads are now 8 number of entrepreneurs on the team are now 7. Note to self: need to work on diversity.

Until last month Utkarsh was running his fin-tech startup Lucid Tech that he co-founded. After graduating from IIT Delhi CS he had joined McKinsey as a consultant before catching the entrepreneurial bug. Over the course of a day at HyperTrack he walked 20,000 steps in the treacherous heat of New Delhi as he met with team members. Sometime during the day he attended the Friday guest talk by the Chaayos founder and CEO recounting the early days of building the retail chain. Our conversations throughout the day took us both back to the early days of entrepreneurial struggles and key moments in the lives of our startups. We spoke about persistence psychology values culture customer centricity relationships global deep tech companies out of India walking meetings and harmful addictions. Utkarsh joins HyperTrack as a key member in the API team. There is no bigger joy for me than to work with fellow entrepreneurs to solve meaningful problems we are mutually excited about.

These key hires in Android iOS and API add a new layer of superpower in our team stack. Please extend a warm welcome to Aman Anil and Utkarsh. Oh and yes they seem to be jumping for joy too…