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Hotline Integrates HyperTrack for Their Customers

HyperTrack allows for building location features into your application without needing to worry about all of the headache of managing that infrastructure. This frees up your developers to do what they do best – developing awesome solutions for your customers.

Our friends at Hotline a FreshDesk product have a leading in-app chat platform currently in use by many consumer apps like Zomato Swiggy HolaChef and more. These apps use Hotline to provide seamless customer support experiences. One of the challenges that their customers were feeling was that their customer support teams were getting consistent queries like “where is my order?” or “when will the driver reach my place?” which would leave the support agent scrambling to provide timely answers.

As Hotline worked to provide solutions to these queries they identified that many of their customers were already using HyperTrack’s plug-and-play location stack to provide ETAs status and delay alerts. After further investigation they have rolled out their HyperTrack SmartPlug for the Hotline Portal which closes the loop between these location-based queries from customers and provides the customer support agents with the tools to quickly provide solutions.

You can read more more information about Hotline’s experience on their blog.

We are excited to see partners like Hotline using HyperTrack to offer added benefits to their customers. The possibility of these add-ons is endless. If you are a company that provides expense management platforms to businesses you can add on HyperTrack to additionally offer automatic expensing of fuel by recording exact mileage. If you are a company that provides apps for sales teams you can add on HyperTrack to offer additional location analytics to your customers. These are just a few ways – feel free to visit our website to find out more. If you’re interested in discussing how HyperTrack can help you in the integration process please let us know.