Unveiling the plug-and-play location stack for developers

Here’s the question I love to ask product managers and software developers”How do you want to use location in your product?”

While the realm of possibilities and imagination never ceases to amaze there are two clear themes that emerge from their answers:

  1. I am not using location as effectively as I want to
  2. I want to use location more but I don’t know how

HyperTrack is the easiest way to build dynamic location features. Until yesterday it required you to know exactly how you wanted to use location before you started using it. Today that changes with HyperTrack v3!

Three easy steps

Step 1: You plug a lightweight and open sourced SDK into your app. Two lines of code in Android and iOS.

Step 2: Watch your users’ location data on a pretty looking dashboard. No code to be written and did we mention free to view for unlimited users and usage. Yay!

Step 3: Play with the data through events (via webhooks) and actions (via APIs) to build location features in your product within minutes. All our dashboard views are easy to embed into your own workflow to create a seamless experience.

Tell me more

The SDK generates accurate battery-efficient location and activity data using a bunch of black magic with device sensors maps and business context. The location data is organized as trips and stops in the life of the user. Useful events are automatically generated along the way and available via webhooks. When actions are performed by the user in the app or expected by the business workflow on the server they may be posted via APIs.

Unlimited trips stops and events for unlimited users are free to view on the dashboard. Pay to play with this data and build location features within your product in minutes. To test your integration before deploying in production we have a free test mode that lets you sandbox the API/webhook integrations with your users’ live data.

How about existing users?

We have secretly and swiftly migrated your APIs from the old to the new so you don’t have to do a thing. Though it will work with your current SDK we would highly recommend updating to the new one pronto. This will deliver much higher battery efficiency and much richer location data.Tasks are now called actions and there is no change in pricing.

If you are still in the free tier you are the lucky ones who will continue to enjoy the remaining free actions (formerly tasks) until they hit 10000. We have removed this concession for new users replacing it instead with the test mode and free to view plan. When your free actions expire you may add your card to keep using actions as part of the pay to play plan or enjoy the free to view plan until you decide to build location into your product. So if you haven’t already done so I would like to invite you to take the new SDK to production in your app. It works like a charm with no API integration.

As always we are available to answer any questions via email our Slack community or our newly formed HyperTrack community! As we keep trying to push the envelope on what developers worldwide can do with location we thought it was as good a time as any to unveil that new community and its leader. We look forward to having you join in and get involved.