Test drive your integration

Developers need to get off their chair and move in the big bad world to test dynamic location applications before releasing it to test users. If you are anything like me getting off my chair is hard. As we build the plug and play stack for dynamic location we want to provide developers an environment that easy to test faster and reliably before going live. With this intent we are announcing our first testing tool TestDrive. TestDrive is available as an easy download on the App Store and Play Store.


Mock SDK implementation

TestDrive is designed to be an SDK mock for server-side developers to test their API integration. Once configured with a simple QR code TestDrive responds to your API calls. For example server-side API calls can start and stop tracking and the app will automatically reflect the correct state. Read more on the docs.

With a mock SDK implementation server-side developers can unit test their integration workflow. We have seen that this mock SDK reduces the need for coordination between server-side and mobile-side developers and enables a faster and smoother API integration.

Simulate locations

TestDrive can also generate dynamic location data as if the user is moving on a live trip. This helps visualise data for testing embedded dashboard views or live tracking. These simulated locations are generated around the user’s current location which adds familiarity and ensures the experience closely reflects reality.


Building TestDrive

TestDrive is built entirely on React Native with a common code base for iOS and Android. Definitely recommended for developers who are new to mobile and want to iterate fast. The underlying native SDKs are powered through the HyperTrack React Native wrapper. The code base is completely open source – so please send in your contributions and feature requests.

TestDrive is a powerful testing tool for our users and crucial for a fast and smooth integration experience. Sign up and give it a shot – we would love to hear what you think of it.