Now add your team members to your HyperTrack dashboard

Building great products is a team sport. Developers who built location features in their products using HyperTrack required multiple team members to access the HyperTrack dashboard to access account keys edit account details and track live trips during pilot. Once they completed the development users wanted their operations and customer service teams to be able to use the dashboard to track their drivers monitor their performance and see real time alerts. So far they did not have a way to give access of dashboard to all their team members and they ended up sharing the login credentials with everyone who they wanted to provide access. Yikes! 

We have now added the Team Members feature to HyperTrack. You can now add as many team members you want to your account (of course free of charge) and define the level of access that you want to provide. 

Adding team members Adding team members

How to add team members

  • Go to the Users section on your HyperTrack dashboard. You can do that by logging in into your dashboard then clicking on your account name on the top-right then selecting Account Settings and then navigating to Users section. You can alternative visit to jump directly to this section
  • Click on Add new user and add the email id of the team member you want to add
  • Select the role that you want to assign to this team member. You can grant two different kinds of access rights Admin and Read-only. Following is what team members in each of these roles can do.
View dashboardYesYes
View account detailsYesYes
Edit account detailsYesNo
View add and edit billing detailsYesNo
View and refresh API secret keysYesNo
Add users & edit permissionsYesNo
  • The team member you just added will receive an invite on her email. Once she visits that link she will be asked to set up a password of her account and she will be all set.
  • You can always go back to the user section to edit the roles of your team members or remove any of your team members.

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