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Our team is complete (for now)!

At HyperTrack we are building SDKs and APIs for developers to integrate location tracking into their workforce and consumer apps. To build a service that developers around the world can trust and rely on we are always looking to hire the best engineers. I’m extremely proud and happy to announce three new fantastic additions to complete our team (for now) as we obsessively march towards product-market fit.

We started talking to Amit Rathi back in March of this year. After completing his Masters from CMU he had joined Amazon in Seattle and was leading the X Ray initiative for the Prime Music product. He built services that handled tens of millions of requests per day serving users across 3 continents. He had read our blog loved the developer centric approach we were taking and wrote to us about moving back to India. One thing led to another and three months later Amit and his wife packed their bags to move to New Delhi to join us. His expertise in designing and managing web services at scale stood out for us. He partners with Arjun Attam in building flexible reliable and scalable APIs that our customers depend on.

We were looking for an engineer to tag team with Ulhas Mandrawadkar in the mobile team to make our location tracking robust and build out the next level of battery and data optimization. That’s when we got in touch with Piyush Gupta. Piyush graduated from IIT Roorkee and had gone on to work at Qualcomm and Shuttl where he had been working on very similar problems in location tracking especially on the Android OS. When we first spoke on the phone the idea and the approach immediately resonated with him. He wasn’t looking to switch jobs at the time. However having seen the complexity of the problem first hand he was keen to work on building a solution that developers like him could use across the world. He accepted our offer to join us and brings to our team his domain expertise in location tracking and the Android platform.

Rishabh Garg was visiting his brother in New Delhi and had come over to our office to talk about tech in Indian startups with Kashyap. He was a full stack engineer at Prezi and worked out of their headquarters in Budapest Hungary. He was part of the team that built the beautiful Prezi editing and presenting experience. He was considering moving back to India and we were looking for a UX focused full-stack engineer. Kashyap made an on-the-spot indecent proposal to speak to the team about a potential role with HyperTrack. Everything just fell beautifully into place. His passion for progressive web apps and customer centricity shined through to us. Early next month he is moving to New Delhi to partner with Gaurav Mukherjee in working on our dashboard and web tracking experience.

If hiring people better than ourselves is a measure of a team’s quality I feel extremely fortunate that we were able to built a team of such fantastic people. I feel quite relieved that each key technology function – API mobile and web – is staffed with an awesome tag team of engineers passionate about the problems they are solving and experts at things that our customers depend on us for. With all hands on deck now our next stop is product-market fit a.k.a. building a product that customers love.

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