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Now track your flights with HyperTrack

At HyperTrack we are building track and trace for local deliveries. We provide APIs and SDKs to enable developers to add real time tracking to their apps and make sense of their data. We provide primitives that developers can build their proprietary business logic on top of.

To live and breathe our user experience we created a proof of concept app called SendETA. This app allows me to share a trip with my friends and family who can track me in real time and see an ETA of when I will arrive at my destination on the web or in-app. It’s a useful app which we coded up quickly using the HyperTrack SDKs. We have currently given access to a close group of friends and family who have regularly been sharing their trips.

I was recently flying back from Mumbai to Delhi and switched on tracking when the plane was taxi-ing to the runway. I put my phone into flight mode and I was surprised to see that GPS actually works in flight mode. I didn’t have internet access so my friends couldn’t track me live but when I landed the SDK synced all the data points to our backend. I could see the whole path of my trip including the kink in the path when the plane was asked to circle due to congestion at the airport. The entire 1387.74 KM trip took a total of 2hr 27min from taxiing away from the terminal to landing.


It was surprising how things worked so well for a use case we had not considered at all. It just added to our belief that if you provide the right primitives users will surprise you with the intelligence they build on top of it.